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This is post number 200 and I am amazed by this number. What started as a platform for the I see, I see event turns out to be something I love doing so much.

For this landmark I felt it was time to reveal a bit about myself. What am I like. What do I like. My peculiar way of doing/being. This post is about me.

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I was born in the Netherlands and grew up in a very small town. I started living on my own when I was 27 years old. I moved around several times and lived (parttime) in Helsinki and Antwerp. I still call Antwerp my happy place and Helsinki is a lovely city to live except for the dark winter.

I am not good at the winter. Makes me moody and sad. I actually should move to southern Europe for the climat but my character and attitude fit more with the Scandinavian countries. I am an introvert, don’t like big crowds and need time to open up to people.

I speak dutch, english and german. My mum is half french but I find it a difficult language to master.

I have 2 sisters and 1 cool brother. Due to choices in her life, I have hardly any relationship with one of my sisters. Its not how I would have like to see it but I’m ok about it now. My mum keeps being my safety net (now for all our stuff but in the past to move in for a couple of month to sort out my live). I haven’t spoken to my dad since I was 19 years old.

I got married at the age of 41 and before that I lived with 1 other guy. My hubbie is smart, funny, stubborn, demanding and pushy. Life with him is definitely never boring. His aunt lives in New Zealand and we try to visit her every 2 years.

On every online test for right brain/left brain, I always come out exactly even. I’m a creative person but very logical and analytical too. My profession is project manager of IT projects. When I am busy at work I notice that it has an effect on my creativity. Thats why I love this blog. Looking for inspiration on the net and all around me.

As a child, I wished to be an architect when I grew up. I always build houses and ranches with wooden blocks and playmobiel but I suck in maths.

I loved the colours of my first childhood bedroom, lavender and minty sage green. There was not much space to change the furniture. I started doing that in my attic bedroom (colours white and blue with a lot of wood).

I am terrified of sharks. Really terrified. It gives me even nightmares to see one in a commercial on TV. 

We moved to London 2 years ago due to my hubbies work. I kept working in the Netherlands for a year and had my own place. We always travelled a lot and stayed abroad for our work but we always had the same base. Now we both had our own base and that made it different. We didn’t feel connected anymore. I decide to quite my job and moved permanently. Good choice.

For a long time I struggled to find a job. No income and no social live is not a good start in a new country and city. The bigger the city, the harder it is to create a social live. I got homesick in the beginning and I still miss my friends and family.

I consider myself as a town person as much as I would love the idea of living in the middle of the countryside. I know the novelty of being somewhere so remote would eventually turn me into a hermit.

I am a big softie. I will cry if something really touches me (I can’t watch ET without using a compleet tissue box).

I love the beat of rap music and listen to pop and classical music. For me the most beautiful instrument is a cello. I did a workshop once and loved it. Its still on my bucket list.

Also on my bucket list is to renovate and style a house (top of the list). I am collecting clippings since I was 20 years old. Nowadays I use Pinterest but still keep my book with clippings updated. Have I already told you I am addicted to magazines?

I prefer wine to beer. Love to drink a glass of port in the winter and rose wine in the summer. Having a picknick on a workday with my sister is a real treat. Chatting with a friend sipping port and have some nibbles is a good night ‘out’.

I’m very tidy but I’m a messy cook. Hubbie often bemoans the ‘bom explosion’ I cause when I prepare a meal. And I have this thing with wet hands. I have a strong dislike for wet hands and have to dry them a million times while I am cooking. No idea where this is coming from. And I don’t like the feeling of being really stuffed after a meal.

I like many crafts. Colouring, knitting, painting, etc. I read books in bed just before I go to sleep or in the bath tub. My clothes are a bit boring and blend. I prefer softer tones and neutrals. My closet is colour coordinated and very organised.

I love to travel and visit new places. During the weekends we often take the train to the country side for a hike. The UK is a very beautiful country and I love the views from the hills (not to climb them).

As a child I did a lot of ballet. I picked it up again 5 years ago but since I moved to London I haven’t found a new ballet school. I am doing yoga now, trying to stay a bit flexible.

I do my blog writing and feel the most creative first thing in the morning. When the world is still in the process of waking up and the birds are singing.

Thanks for reading all that and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it all down.

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