Birthday thinking

It was my birthday last week. Brother and mum called, went out for tea and cake and in the evening I had a lovely diner with my hubbie.

Throwing a party or not, I secretly like to receive a birthday present. Doesn’t need to be big or expensive. Sometimes I even buy one myself and have it nicely wrapped in the store as a gift. For me. A few years ago when my hubbie was on a 3 month cycling trip, he send me a huge bouquet of roses. Such a lovely surprise.

To come up with a wish list is getting harder. Most that I need, I already have and what I like to have does not fit in our tiny apartment.

This year I knew what I wanted. My dream is to renovate en decorate a new place. As you know I am married and although he is a great cool guy, he has a different taste and a strong opinion. Most of the time we end up with a compromise. It is good that we are able to compromise but it is alway ‘in the middle’ and never a statement of style and taste.

So I came up with an idea. My wish for my birthday was a gift certificate for decorating a room without any interference. I did not ask for a specific room, that was up to him. He has been teasing me about the options all week. So I pondered all his possible brain waves. I did not expect the living room or bedroom because I expect he would like som influence in decorating these rooms. Not the entry, thats not a real room in his opinion. So left overs are the second bedroom (if we can find the budget), the kitchen or bathroom. Bathroom is not easy to fix when you don’t like it so the kitchen would be the obvious choice. In our previous home I came up with most of the ideas like lay-out, flooring, materials and appliances and we both liked the result.

After singing ‘happy birthday’ I received my gift. A package that included the desired gift certificate that stated that I am allowed to do THE KITCHEN.

At diner I asked what made him decide to give me the kitchen. And his answer was: ‘I wanted to wrap it as a present, saw some kitchen magazines at Mark & Spenders and bought you a new measuring cup (old one has disappeared)’. That’s it.

Right. That’s what I call ‘just simple thinking’. I should learn to do that too.

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    1. Jan said:

      In truth… I believe that Mariella will have a strong opinion for every (!) room… and I’m confident she will articulate that throughout.

      September 22, 2014

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