Create your own art

I love art. To my opinion, art gives a house personality.

As most people I started with a large framed print from IKEA. Still love the image by the way. Over the years I gathered a nice collection of bronze sculptures, ceramic, paintings, aboriginal tapestry, prints and of course my own work. Some were cheap, some were gifts and some were more expensive.

You don’t need to break the bank to have beautiful art in your house. Affordable art doesn’t even need to come from IKEA but their frames are cheap and look great. Print some of your best holiday pictures in a large scale, frame them and voila.

With all the photography apps available it is also possible to create your own art. Check out the app Waterlogue ( This iPhone/iPad app transforms any photo into the kind of stylish watercolor that you’d pay really good money to hang on your wall. I love what it does to the light.

Chair originalChair watercolor


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    1. Ien said:

      I’ve seen your chair!
      And now your picture. I like it.
      Painting inspiratiebron on Pinterest.?

      September 21, 2014

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