Favorite holidays

Sometimes I get the question ‘what is your top 3 holidays so far?’.

I have travelled a lot in my live. As a kid we always went on holiday in Europe. Later I started to visit countries outside Europe and I have been to all continents except for South America. Many different holidays, short, long, relax, travel around, walking, driving, stay in 1 place.

Difficult to pick my favourites because each holiday had a different purpose. Most of the time its about the people you spend your holiday with. Going to Paris with my sister, New York with my family or 3 months travelling in a camper-van with my hubbie.

These are so far the 4 (could not reduce it to 3) holidays I have very good memories of and I would reconsider to re-do them. In no particular order.

1. Jordan

Big surprise and absolutely worth going to. The reason I booked this holiday was the book from Queen Noor. Not knowing what to expect this country is full of surprises. So much historie and very friendly people. Petra was stunning but the Wadi Rum dessert with its small purple flowers was amazing too. I had the best guide I have ever seen who loved his country and loved it to show it us. He bought us local snacks to try, told us stories about the history and culture of Jordan.

Jordanie 259 Jordanie 066

2. Yellow Stone Park

We went to visit friends of our who lived in Jackson Hill, between Salt Like City and Yellow Stone Park. We did see the Canyon Land, Craters of the Moon and Yellow Stone Park. Hubbie kept asking ‘are we going to see buffalo’s?’ and the answer was ‘I guarantee that you will see buffalo’s’. And we did. Many. And wolves, bears, coyote, birds, moos, etc. So many different animals and landscapes. Especially walking in the Park with bear spray at hand gave a new dimension to ‘going for a walk’.


3. New Zealand

My husbands aunt lives on the southern island of New Zealand. I have visited this country now 3 times and it is amazing. Nature is stunning. The northern island has volcanos, geysers, bays and beautiful cities. Southern island is more rustic with mountains, glaciers and rock formations. See my post on the Kepler Track.

New Zealand

4. Carnac

As a child we always spend our 3 week holiday in Carnac. A small beach town in Brittany, France. It has a bay and sandy beach and it very save for children. We were staying on a camp site with a lot of french families. Crayons, books, paper, games like twister and ‘who are you’. An inflatable boat and  some plastic shovels and pails to play with. No tv, laptop/ipad (did not exist) or other luxury. Just playing on the beach or on the camp site. Eating french baguette with nutella and a lot of fresh fruit. And before we went to bed, my mum told us bed stories about a hedgehog family. Very nice memories.

Carnac1 Carnac2

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