Fruit nibbles

Last week there was an item at the Breakfast show about sweets for kids. It turns out that a lot of packages are very misleading. Mums think they give their child a healthy snack because it is stated that it is made from fruit juice.

However the sweet contain fruit juice concentrate with a very high concentration of sugars. Natural sugars but still a very high percentage. As a comparison they showed a small handfull of sweet had the same amount of fruit sugars as a big box of strawberries. But a child could eat easily 2 packages of sweet but no way they will manage the whole box of strawberries.

Conclusion: give your child real fruit. Or buy these Bear fruit nibbles.

Bear snack

My hubby brought them home and they contain dried fruit. Like raisons but nicer. They don’t look very appealing like sweets but they are jummy.

The Manga/Pinapple version has 50% mango/50%pineapple and a squeeze of lemon juice. I know that should probably be 101% but lets pretend we get it. Nothing added to this so all naturally found in fruit and nothing else.

You can follow them on or check out their website


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