How did I do with my life map?

My first life map in May worked really well. A short time frame and not too many topics and items seems to be a success formula. I had one item that had to join me to June. Because it really worked I made another one for June.

It is already July (already????) and it has been a struggle to restore my life-work balance. Before it was all about life and now its a bit all about work. My contract has been extended from 3 days a week to 4 and that required some adjustments.

So how did I do with my life map?

Life map june

Work is crazy, the light bulb is still broken and the photograph course needs to roll over to July. And I did not manage to go to the movies either. But I did buy a DVD at the charity shop so on my map for July I can add ‘watch a DVD’. And this event thing has not happened either. No BT Summer festival in Hyde Park, no Glastonbury or any hip and cool event. So sad.

I did manage a few thing like my administration is ok and I did go swimming (and to yoga) but for the rest I feel very boring. Work and country walks. Thats it.

For July I have to do better. I have already booked a trip to Holland and I will be going to an event. With a bit of luck I will get to see a DVD too.



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