I see, I see …

On the 8th of June it is World Oceans Day.

When we were on the Island of Wight we went to the beach on the south side of the Island and I was shocked about the amount of plastic on the beach. All this plastic obviously was washed ashore. Hubbie mentioned an organisation that is trying to clean up this plastic. The Ocean Cleanup. I already mentioned it in one of my ‘Weeks in pictures’.

On this website it illustrates how much plastic we use, is floating in the ocean and is harming human and aquatic life. I was beaten back by the numbers. By the way it is presented you cannot pretend that this isn’t a huge problem that cann’t be fixed if we keep on behaving like this.

In London we again separate our garbage and I am shocked about the amount of plastic we use. In the supermarkets more and more is sealed in plastic. Fruit, vegetable. Why? I asked someone who worked at Marks & Spencers at that time and the answer from a colleague was “to keep it longer fresh so we don’t have to throw away so much”. Does that make sense? Why not start with the question why do you throw away fruit and vegetable?

Our waste is an issue but lets start to look at the number of plastic bags we use. And that’s why the topic for this weekends I see, I see … is Plastic Bags.

I don’t want to impose that you should no longer use any plastic bags, but for me it feels important to realise how many we use. And hopefully we make a few different choices. After all, we can look very fashionable with a canvas shopping bag and save a small piece of our beautiful world.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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