I start to like lipstick

I am a big fan of nail polish and have a basket full of different shades and colours. For the rest my make up is pretty straight forward. Mascara, pencil, BB-cream, concealer and some blush. And lip balsem of course. But no lipstick.

I bought my first lipstick when I was 27 years old. More by accident then that I really wanted a lipstick. I sold my appartement, had made some profit and felt so excited that I went shopping. Shop in, shop out. I strolled around the city center for a few hours but bought absolutely nothing. Nada, none, noppes. My excitement turned into frustration. I had enough money to buy clothes, shoes, decoration etc. but somehow there was nothing I liked enough to buy. Its probably because you only see this fabulous dress when you a bit short on cash.

I felt I HAD to buy something so I went into a drugstore and bought a lipstick. No idea why because it would make much more sense to buy bubble bath or a beautiful hair brush. Hardly ever wore the lipstick but kept it for a long time as a memory to that day. It did learn me that whenever I win the jackpot in the lottery (please) I will nog splurge my money. I’m not that kind of a person.

My second lipstick was bought for my wedding. I still have it but also hardly wore it.

You could say that I am not a lipstick person and it doesn’t help that hubbie doesn’t like lipstick. He dislikes it when I wear lip balsem. Last year however, I started to appreciate some colour in my face. I bought 4 lipsticks. Yep, you read it right, 4 lipsticks. And 1 lip gloss. Lets call it catch up time.

Still not really used to it, its gone before I know it so I need to keep applying it. But I start to like it. It adds colour and is a cheap way to give myself a small gift. Being new to this, I find it hard to find the right colour. I have one big favourite right now. Its called Belle by Seventeen.

How about you. Are you a lipstick person? Don’t you leave the house without lipstick?


From the left: Catrice lip gloss; Charlotte Tilbury (colour Coachella Coral); Seventeen (colour Roasted Red); Seventeen (colour Belle); Bobbi Brown (colour nr 4 Brown).

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