My week in pictures

When is summer coming? C

louds, rain and a cold wind. That’s not my idea of summer. I want warmer weather so I can go for a stroll after dinner without my winter coat. Time for salads, rose wine on a terrace, picknick in the park and wearing my summer dresses. Instead I am wearing jeans and sweater and we are having baked potatoes and spinach.

After enjoying one of the last bank holiday weekends this season it was back to work. Here are the pictures from my week.

My week in pics 14

  1. We had a certain country walk in mind for Sunday but due to maintenance on the train tracks, we had to go for an alternative. Nr 8 was one of the best walks we did.
  2. At Victoria between all the the constructions I noticed this golden statue of a ballerina.
  3. I went to HEMA (yes, we have this fantastic dutch store too) to get some ‘beschuit’ (Dutch Crispbakes).
  4. Dandelion. To make a macro shot with your smartphone, don’t put it too close to the object. Instead zoom in a little.
  5. The start of my wardrobe capsule. It looked as if my closet exploded.
  6. Just because they were so pretty.
  7. I spend way to much time on the phone this week. Conference call after conference call. Not good for my phone bill.
  8. In the UK many walks go over the fields and this is the way to enter or exit them.
  9. I am sticking to my resolution to eat more fruit. Apples, pears, blue berries, raspberries and apricots.
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