My week in pictures

While I am writing this post the windows are open and a nice warm breeze is coming in. The sun is hidden behind a thick layer of clouds and a few drops are coming down.

Still not the perfect summer weather but the warmth is very welcome. Today no sweater or cardigan.

Here is my week in pictures.

My week in pics 15

  1. A busy week. I manage now 4 projects and one more is starting next week.
  2. A nice little patio garden where we had lunch during one of our walks last weekend
  3. Made with my iPhone5s. I love my phone.
  4. Country side in Kent.
  5. Dropped in at Hema for Bolognese crisps and ‘beschuit’.
  6. Sunshine at last.
  7. My new favourite summer drink from Pret a Manger.
  8. Like every week: groceries from the supermarket.
  9. I picked up swimming again. I always hate the first 2 laps because the water feels so cold but after a few minutes I really enjoy it.




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