My week in pictures

Last weekend hubbies niece and her friend were our visitors. We decided to escape the city on Saturday and travelled by train to Winchelsea from where we walked to Hastings. Over fields and along the coastline for 20km. A lovely day with lovely weather. So expect some pictures from our walk in my week in pics.

My week in pics 16


  1. I have not been able to show you more pictures of funny painted sheep in the city because they are gone. But this should be a good substitute.
  2. My flowers on the dinning table this week.
  3. The south England coast line east from Hasting.
  4. Sea food in Hasting after a full day walking. So good.
  5. On our walk we visited a beach which turned out to be a nudist beach. We felt a bit giggly and jealous seeing a men feeling very free and not bother by us.
  6. I made a new batch of crunchy muesli (recipe from Julia).
  7. This little bird was checking out if we had spilt anything from our cheesecake during a tea break.
  8. Discovers these food stalls called the PUMP in Shoreditch.
  9. A mural in Notting Hill. I do appreciate this kind of art.
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