My week in pictures

It has been quit on this blog the last few weeks and thats because my brain is tired. I don’t know if its because of the weather or all the travelling or of my to do list but my head feels as it is full of feathers and cotton.

Here is my week in pictures plus the week before. Looking back I realise it is time for some boring weeks.

My week in pics 18

  1. Dahlia. Beautiful flowers on my table.
  2. Hubbie was finally able to point out ‘my mess’ instead of his own.
  3. Serpentine pavilion. Every year a new temporary Pavilion is designed and built in a short period. Spanish architects Selgascano designed the 15th Serpentine Pavilion.
  4. Evening walk in Hyde Park. Such a beautiful evening.
  5. We stopped for a drink during our country walk.
  6. We keep spending a day a weekend in the country side.
  7. Preparing for some travelling.
  8. On my way to Brussels.
  9. Arrived in The Hague HS.

My week in pics 19

  1. We did watch some Wimbledon from our sofa.
  2. Tour de France started in Utrecht. We had to paint and clean our appartement and have not seen one cyclist.
  3. A cloudy Sunday at the beach. Walking the dunes.
  4. My sister did sing during the show of Loes Luca on the Parade in The Hague. She was a bit nerveus but did very good.
  5. On our way to Groningen for a house warming party.
  6. A real holiday feel day on the beach with my sister. So relaxed.
  7. I got these on my flight to Frankfurt. Soooooo dry I am still trying to get rid of it.
  8. This guy can be very cute but also very annoying. Especially at 6:15 in the morning.
  9. Business flight to Frankfurt. Delays both ways.






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