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Last May I attended an ‘introduction to sculpture’ course. For 2 full days I would be gaining the basic experience of making sculpture. Working mainly in clay and plaster I was promised to have fun learning a range of skills and techniques. Although I love craft and art, the last time I made a sculpture must have been at primary school. Looking forward to get my hands dirty (not really) I arrived early on Saturday morning at the Art Academy.

The first day we would create a clay figure sculpture from a life model. And boy am I impatient. The teacher started with the introduction. Explaining what we were going to do, how to approach the process and what are the major concerns.  After more then an hour I just wanted to get started. GIVE ME SOME CLAY.

Once we were to allow to start there were several breaks. Lunch (of course) and time for the model to stretch her muscles. And we were not allowed to work on our sculpture during these breaks. WHAT??? I’m afraid I’m a bit autistic because I found it really hard to step away from my bench. At the end I’m glad I did listen to the introduction and the advice and suggestions of the teacher (who was super cool) because I managed to create a sculpture that looked like the model, kind of.

Because it needed to be hollowed and fired, it would take some time before we would be able to take it home. Just before my holiday I receives an email that mine was ready to be picked up.

On a shelf full of sculptures it was hard to recognise your own work. You hope yours is that pretty one (nope), not the one without a head (luckily not) and finally with the pictures on my smartphone I found my creation. What do you think? Not bad for a beginner.

The second day we developed a creative sculpture using plaster and mixed media. This is were it really got messy. More later on the result of day 2.

Have a great weekend!


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    1. Ien said:

      Next Wednesday my painting classes will start again after a long summer holiday. During my last class before summer I started a sunset painting, inspired by the beautifull sunsets in Kochel am See in Bavaria, Germany. How will I continue that painting? Or start a new one?
      We’ll see!

      September 21, 2014

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