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Have you ever heard of the ISSA? No, it’s not that scary terror group but a electric toothbrush.

Apparently, the electric toothbrush was first created in 1954 and supposed to revolutionize daily dental care, providing a much easier and more effective way to care for one’s teeth. However, not many of us have one and many rather stick to the traditional manual way of brushing our teeth.

I prefer my sonicare toothbrush because it feels so much cleaner and smoother. But I’m not sure what to think about this ISSA.

Nieuwe tandenborstel

A few reasons why the producer of the ISSA feels we should swop to the new toothbrush.

  1. Unlike other things that try to improve on what’s already out there, The ISSA has been designed from the ground up.
  2. The ISSA doesn’t need any replacements of the brush heads for up to a year.
  3. The ISSA’s integrated battery can last up to 365 uses per full charge, with charging taking an hour.
  4. ISSA features soft and flexible silicone that’s nonabrasive, making it impossible to put to much pressure on your teeth.
  5. The bi-directional brush bristle design lets you clean between your teeth more efficiently.
  6. The ISSA features an 8-speed interface so you can customize the frequency of pulsations to how sensitive your teeth are.

Sounds very nice but I am still struggling with how it looks. Would you swop your old toothbrush for this new design?

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    One Comment

    1. Ien said:

      Nee, ik houd het voorlopig bij m’n Oral B, in de loop der jaren m’n zoveelste. Deze gaan jaren mee!
      Die nieuwe? Ik heb ze hier in NL nog niet gezien. Maar dat kan aan mij liggen. Voorlopig blijf ik, zoals al decennia lang, bij m’n Oral B.

      February 19, 2015

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